AVMA ambassador program links local veterinarians with federal legislators

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Spokane-area WSVMA members Dr. Joseph Harari and Dr. Greg Benoit, along with Dr. Jeff Siems, recently met with Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers on behalf of the AVMA Political Action Committee as part of the Association’s new Ambassador Program designed to foster relationships between local veterinary leaders and their members of Congress.  McMorris-Rodgers is the Republican Congresswoman from the 5th congressional district. They met to discuss various issues affecting the profession, most especially H.R. 1607, Mandatory Prescription Writing legislation.

Both Dr. Harari and Benoit enjoyed positive meetings with the Congresswoman. They explained to her the negative impact the Fairness to Pet Owners Act would have if it were to pass. She commented she understood the negative impact it would have for veterinary medicine, how it would benefit big pharma and how it represented clear federal over-reach. Visiting Benoit’s Southcare Animal Medical Center was the first time she’d toured a veterinary facility.




Figure 2 Dr. Benoit and Rep. McMorris Rodgers

Figure 1 Drs. Harari & Siems with Rep. Cathy McMorris RogersAVMA’s Ambassador program is a corps of AVMA members who are effective communicators and who are interested in political advocacy for the profession.


Posted August 23, 2019