Go Team! Management Tips for Success

  |   Practice Management

Managing staff is challenging for many practice owners and managers. Here are three management tips that have had a great impact on the success of many practices:

  1. Value staff ideas. It’s important to provide an environment that encourages ideas and feedback from staff. Staff members work in the trenches, interacting with clients all day, so they know what clients want. Make the time to ask the team what they think about the business side of the practice and listen to their responses.
  2. Share financial information with staff. Successful management teams believe in sharing budgets, financial goals and expenses. It’s important to educate staff on the costs involved with veterinary medicine and the procedures that they perform, so that they can help justify costs to clients and think of ways to help the hospital save on expenses. While some management teams may shy away from sharing all of the financial details, it can be eye-opening for staff when they learn about how much things cost. This gives them more appreciation for the value of what’s provided and the fees charged.
  3. Thank employees. It’s important to value staff members’ efforts when they go above and beyond what’s expected of them. Use these opportunities to recognize them. This lets them know that you appreciate their contributions. Sometimes it can be a verbal thank you or you can pick up gift cards and spontaneously give it to them. Rewarding staff for their positive behavior encourages more of it, builds loyalty and helps to reduce burnout by energizing them.

Implement these three simple ideas in your practice to improve productivity, increase profitability and boost staff morale!

By Terra Shastri, Director of Business Development & Strategic Initiatives – Ontario Veterinary Medical Association


Posted August 16, 2019