WSVMA-PAC wants you!

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Have you been looking for your opportunity to delve into politics? Isn’t everyone right now? It doesn’t matter which political parties your support – this is your chance – the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association is looking for three able-bodied members to join its Political Activity Committee (PAC) Board of Directors. We’ve recently restructured our governance and we’re filling the Board with new members.

What does PAC do?

The WSVMA established WSVMA-PAC in 1978 as a response to the effects of legislation on veterinary, animal and small business issues and as a recognition of the need for an effective route of communication with legislators. WSVMA-PAC is a voluntary, non-partisan, non-profit, unincorporated Committee of individual veterinarians and others and is not affiliated with any political party.

The main activity is to determine which state legislative candidates receive campaign contributions in primary and general elections. This is done through the recommendations of our legislative advocate, Greg Hanon and from members. Campaign contributions are an effective tool in allowing access to educate legislators and their staff about the WSVMA and the issues important to veterinary medicine in Washington.

It’s easy to qualify for service:

  • Be an active WSVMA member.
  • Contribute annual WSVMA-PAC dues (currently $50).
  • Register to vote in Washington State.
  • Have an interest in government affairs and politics.

We’re sure you have the time:

  • 2-4 one-hour conference calls annually. That’s it!
  • Assist in delivering a campaign contribution to a legislator in your district if they’ve been chosen to receive one.

The term of office is two years, although two of the new board members will serve a one-year term, so that staggered terms are established. Terms are renewable.

So, help put our profession in a position of success in Olympia and consider serving. Advocacy for the profession is one of the main reasons we exist and we can’t do it without participation of our members. Those interested in serving should contact Candace Joy at [email protected] or call (800) 399-7862.


Posted July 26, 2019