Don’t Hang on to Meds Campaign and Webinar

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As part of the response to medication misuse is an effort to educate the public about reducing unintended access to medications in the home. This webinar and the website link provide information and campaign media to share for practitioners to learn more about this effort.

The King County Heroin and Opioid Task Force invites you to a webinar to learn how prescribers and pharmacists are using the Don’t Hang on to Meds campaign to educate patients of the reasons why they should lock up the medications they take and securely dispose of medicines they no longer take/are expired. Join the webinar to hear how a local physician and pharmacist are using campaign tools to engage patients and promote healthy and safe behaviors around medications in the home. This campaign is aimed at preventing medicine misuse, accidental poisoning, overdose, and death by reducing unintended access to medications in the home. The patient friendly materials help providers fulfill requirements of WAC 246-919-865[i], enacted this year to ensure individuals know about secure medicine return and reasons for safe storage.  Free campaign tools have been adapted for both King County and statewide use in Washington on the King County website.

Registration for the webinar is available here.

[i] Veterinarians are not listed in this WAC.


Posted May 17, 2019