Pacific Northwest Veterinary Conference – Registration now open!

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Online registration is open for this year’s Pacific NW Conference taking place September 27 – 29, 2019 in Tacoma. Register today to learn from stellar scientific speakers, business experts and special guests that will be presenting a variety of cutting-edge topics. Veterinary technicians will hold their Annual Conference concurrently and may also register at the link.

Small Animal Medicine Program

The Small Animal Program covers a range of topics this year. Featured speakers include Dr. Christine Thomson from Univ. of Alaska on neurology and Dr. Stephan Carey, Michigan State, on respiratory disease. Dr. Laura Riordan, Summit Veterinary Referral Hospital, will present on gastrointestinal disease and Dr. Tanya Donovan from Animal Medical Center of Seattle will speak on lower urinary tract disease.

Finally, Dr. Elizabeth Martinez, Jurox, presents on pain management and Dr. Rob Silver from Rx Vitamins, on neutraceuticals,

Wet labs: There will be two Small Animal Labs offered this year. Dr. John Mattoon, WSU/CVM, will conduct both an introduction and intermediate-level small animal abdominal ultrasound on Friday. On Saturday, Drs. Nic Cabano, Leslie Eide, and Mike Thoesen will conduct a small animal gait and lameness lab.

Equine Medicine Program

This year, a full day of ophthalmology starts the equine program with Dr. David Wilkie from the Ohio State University. On Saturday morning, Dr. Jenifer Gold, WSU/CVM, will present on Inflammatory Airway Disease, non-infectious respiratory disease and severe equine asthma. Saturday afternoon will feature Dr. Mike Pownall, Oculus Insights, LLP, on valuable equine practice management topics aimed at improving employee engagement, practice culture, and maximizing the value of your business. Regenerative medicine, reproduction and Navicular Syndrome will be covered by Dr. Joe Manning from Dechra.

Large Animal Medicine Program

Small Ruminant medicine is featured this year with Dr. Kelly Still Brooks speaking on pain management for kid/lamb processing, writing VFDs, and presenting on various clinical cases.

Dr. Amber Itle, WSDA, will cover animal disease traceability, and Dr. Craig McConnel, WSU/CVM, will present information about investigations in dairy calf management. Dr. Laura White, WSU/CVM, will feature cover necropsy procedures and Dr. Nina Von Keyserlingk, Univ. of B.C., will present information on dairy cattle including assessing pain, social housing, and the future of dairy farming. Dr. Daniel Weigel from Zoetis, presents on dairy cattle genetics and Dr. Kelly Reed, WSU/CVM will focus on diary calf and heifer management.

Exotics and Wildlife

Dr. Anneliese Strunk from the Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine, will cover dentistry for rabbits as well as avian emergency cases, including a focus on air quality fluctuation related to wildfires.

Get ready for an afternoon of wildlife medicine featuring Dr. John Huckabee from the Progressive Animal Welfare Society who will present information on the evaluation and stabilization of wildlife, managing stress in captivity, and zoonotic diseases and biosecurity concerns. Fish and wildlife biologist Patricia Thompson will feature Washington state regulations and responding to the public about wildlife concerns.

Practice Management Program

We’re fortunate to have the guru of veterinary practice finance, Terry O’Neil from Katz, Sapper & Miller, present a full day on how to improve your bottom line through effective accounting practices, effective fee setting, and internal controls. Also, back by popular demand, human resources expert Suzan Sturholm will cover employee recognition plans and performance reviews.

A representative from the WA Employment Security Dept. will present information on the new Paid Family and Medical Leave Act and  Attorney Amy Mensik will cover employment law. Veterinary practice consultant Deborah Ford will present on applied leadership in veterinary practice. Dr. Mike Pownall will reach beyond equine practice to focus on effective practice management principles for all types of veterinary practice.

Spotlight Sessions

On Saturday morning, mental health speaker Frank King will present stress management and suicide prevention in veterinary practice followed by Dr. Carrie La Jeunesse, who will teach how to build safer, happier workplaces for better work satisfaction.

Dr. Kerri Marshall, BabelBark, will present an afternoon of digital transformation in the veterinary practice. You’ll create your digital practice strategy and leave energized with an individualized step-by-step Digital Transformation Playbook for your practice.

Other can’t-miss sessions will feature reportable diseases, the disciplinary process, occupational health and safety, as well as an hour on diversity and inclusion in the veterinary profession featuring the director of the newly established Multicultural VMA.

Awards and Stand-Up

On Friday evening, plan to attend the Awards Gala at Hotel Murano, a boutique luxury property located one block from the Tacoma Convention Center. In addition to presenting awards to our veterinary celebs, the event will feature popular comedian Frank King. If you’ve seen him before, you’ll know he inspires guffaws and belly laughs from his veterinary-related humor. Enjoy dinner with new and old friends and laugh the night away.

Thank you to our sponsors who support the Pacific Northwest Veterinary Conference including Care Credit, Zoetis, Dechra, Jorvet, Sonosite/Fujifilm, Phoenix Central Lab, Rx Vitamins, WSDA, WADDL, Diamond V, Boehringer, Ingelheim, Patterson Veterinary Supply, BabelBark, Animal Medical Center of Seattle and Summit Veterinary Referral Center.

Access conference information on the WSVMA website and watch for the registration packet to arrive in your mailbox soon. The weekend promises to be fun and educational and we look forward to seeing you at the premier Pacific Northwest CE weekend for veterinarians, veterinary technicians and the entire veterinary team! Register here.


Posted May 3, 2019