Veterinary Board of Governors to examine barrier to licensure

  |   Legislative

The Veterinary Board of Governors (board) is considering rulemaking to remove unnecessary barriers to licensure. The board has observed that veterinarians from other states who apply in Washington State occasionally face unnecessary barriers to licensure. As required by WAC 246-933-250(1), licensees must “successfully complete either the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE), or the National Board Examination for Veterinary Medical Licensing (NBE), with the Clinical Competency Test (CCT)”. However, the CCT was not required prior to 1982.

Applicants who took their exam prior to 1982 must use the board’s reciprocity statute to apply for licensure in Washington. The reciprocity statute is cumbersome and outdated, and requires applicants to do extensive work with a state in which they are currently licensed to prove that the state in which they are licensed offers reciprocity in the same way Washington does.

The board discussed this issue at its September 2018 business meeting, and will consider whether the CCT is an unnecessary burden for licensure. Applicants who took the licensure exam without the CCT have likely had an extensive career in veterinary medicine and the CCT requirement may no longer be relevant. The board will also evaluate this rule to identify and remove any other barriers that exist.


Posted February 8, 2018