President’s Message

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The Pacific Northwest Veterinary Conference for 2018 is in the books.  This year’s conference was a huge success with over 1200 in attendance! Thank you for your participation! Notable events this year include the largest display of vendors since the conference began back in 1909.  There were 94 booths encompassing new products, advances in veterinary medicine, finance, employment opportunities, technician support, international travel and of course many opportunities for some cool swag and prizes galore. There were 34 speakers with lectures covering telemedicine, management, well-being, advances in medicine and surgery to name a few.  This year had the first in a growing series of CE laboratories and hands-on wet labs.  In addition to dedicating quality education opportunities for practice managers and veterinary technicians, there was even a small pilot project including high school students from the Veterinary Science Club from Duvall High.

The WSVMA board partnered with the SCAVMA veterinary students in our camping theme booth.  We hope you had the chance to stop by, and talk with one of us.  We need your ideas and feedback so the board remains focused on the veterinarian’s needs for the WSVMA of the future.  Get involved to make the Pacific Northwest Veterinary Conference a growing and engaging conference year after year.  If you didn’t get a chance to give us your input, please do! Contact us at [email protected] or (800) 399-7862.

As we are your association – we need your voice!  There are many opportunities for members to become involved in the WSVMA.  One of the easiest is to be on a task force.  The task forces are small groups of veterinary professionals that will generally meet via phone to tackle a specific problem assigned by the Board of Directors.  Task forces are generally a small time commitment that do not require travel but are a great way to be involved!  If you are interested in helping on a task force, let us know.

What does the remaining of 2018 and 2019 look like for the WSVMA? Already the Program Committee is deep in planning and booking talent with a continued emphasis on expanding the sessions offered.     The board has begun their strategic planning and moving forward with continued emphasis on our membership’s needs.   January 20 will be our next continuing education event called I Have a Headache closely followed by the  VetMed Matter Conference on February 23.  I am proud to be the WSVMA president for this year and welcome your thoughts, ideas and input.  With your help we can continue to make the WSVMA a highly functioning and effective organization that will continue to inspire, support and advocate for a passionate and thriving veterinary community.

By Dr. Jean M. Gulbransen, WSVMA President


Posted November 2, 2018