Take the survey on potential new veterinary technician training in Washington

  |   Veterinary Medical Education

The veterinary technology programs at Bellingham Technical College, Pierce College, and Yakima Valley College are exploring the possibility of establishing a joint distance learning veterinary technology program to provide training opportunities for residents living in all regions of the state.  The distance learning program would provide veterinary technician training using a hybrid education model that combines online instruction with in-person clinical laboratories.  In addition, students attending the program would be required to work part-time in a veterinary clinic.

In order to determine whether the veterinary community in the state of Washington feels that there is a need for this type of veterinary technician training program, the technician program directors have developed a short online survey that they would like veterinarians to complete.

The survey can be accessed by clicking here.

The deadline to complete the survey is July 31, 2018.