WSVMA bi-annual Compensation and Benefits Survey to be conducted in July

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The WSVMA office receives frequent requests for compensation and benefits information specific to the practice of veterinary medicine in Washington. To answer these inquiries, we are preparing the bi-annual compensation and benefits survey to be sent out next month. The WSVMA will join only a handful of state associations that compile and provide such information to its members.

The survey is electronic and the link will be sent to practice owners via email, although a paper survey will be available. In order to obtain meaningful data, it’s important that we get participation from as many veterinary practices as possible. The more who participate, the more accurate and relevant the data will be, especially in more rural areas of the state.

The results of this survey will be published free of charge for the membership, allowing you to evaluate your compensation and benefit policies compared to those of other practices in the state. The information being collected is not identifiable with your specific practice, so your responses are completely confidential. Only aggregate data will be published.

When the survey arrives, please plan to take the approximate 30 minutes needed to complete the survey when it arrives in your inbox.


Posted June 22, 2018