ICYMI: Local effort to secure vaccine for Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease

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Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) has been approached by local pet rabbit caretakers about the recent recognition of a deadly virus that infects both domestic and feral European rabbits that has been detected in British Columbia. There is a rising interest in protecting owned rabbits in Washington State through use of existing European vaccines for this virus. As a service to the community, RASKC staff have undertaken the exploration of such importation with USDA APHIS and the Washington State Veterinarian’s office. The Federal USDA permit enables importation of the European-market rabbit vaccine (FILAVAC VHD K C+V) for use by Licensed Washington state veterinarians under a veterinarian-client-patient relationship. Such permitted use would require client acknowledgment of the current unlicensed status of the vaccine (informed consent) and a liability waiver.

Washington veterinarians who are interested in acquiring the rabbit vaccine (FILAVAC VHD K C+V) for client rabbits are encouraged to contact RASKC at [email protected]. Given the specialized transport costs from Europe, the larger the vaccine order the lower the individual dose cost.

Dr. Gene Mueller, Manager of Regional Animal Services of King County


Posted June 1, 2018