Avian infectious laryngotracheitis outbreak alert in King County

  |   Animal Health

WSDA has received a report of an avian infectious laryngotracheitis outbreak in a small poultry flock located in King County. Avian infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) can be transmitted from acutely infected chickens to the upper respiratory tract and eyes of other birds. Birds that recover from ILT are believed to be infected for life and the avian herpesvirus can be recrudesced when infected birds are stressed, leading to infection of exposed, uninfected/unvaccinated poultry.

Gaps in the biosecurity program are responsible for most ILT outbreaks. Transport of chickens, equipment, manure that is contaminated with the ILT virus can lead to mechanical transmission. Wind-borne transmission of ILT has been described.

We would be grateful for your cooperation in restricting the use of the CEO ILT vaccine following consultation with the State Veterinarian. Control of ILT requires early recognition, enhanced biosecurity, cleaning and disinfection of affected premises. To manage ILT and minimize the impact on the poultry industry, a collaborative effort by poultry producers, veterinarians, diagnostic laboratories, allied industries and government agencies is needed.

For more information, download this fact sheet.

By Dr. Lyndon Badcoe, Washington State Department of Agriculture

Posted June 1, 2018