Political animals wanted

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Well, not really, but we are in need of members who share an interest in veterinary issues as they intersect with the legislative process. 2018 is an election year and not just at the federal level. Elections for statewide offices are heating up. Members contribute money to the WSVMA-Political Action Committee (PAC) which is used to support candidates in the election that are friendly to veterinary issues, animal welfare and small business.

For both the primary and the general election, the PAC will meet to determine which candidates satisfy those requirements and recommend contributions to their campaigns. Once prepared, volunteer “Key Contacts” make arrangements to deliver the checks and have a brief conversation with their legislator. It’s a fun and unique opportunity to make a difference for your profession. Advocacy is the single most important benefit we provide and your assistance makes it successful. Interested? Contact the WSVMA office at [email protected] or call (800) 399-7862.


Posted May 11, 2018