A “short and sweet” reminder about pre-booking appointments

  |   Practice Management

“We’ve tried to pre-book appointments with clients, but it’s not working.”   We have received a few calls like this and what we have learned is that the success of pre-booking is determined in how it is communicated.  It is ineffective to ask a client if they want to book their next appointment.  For example, Mrs. Smith and Fluffy are paying their invoice and the receptionist asks Mrs. Smith “Can I book you for your wellness exam next year?”  Mrs. Smith replies, “It’s okay.  Let’s wait until next year to book it.” 

Instead of asking whether or not a client wants to book a year ahead, say “We’d like to get Fluffy booked for her next annual wellness exam.  I can schedule you for the same day next May. Does this time usually work for you?”  Then, proceed to book the appointment explaining that they will receive a confirmation notice seven to ten days before their appointment.  Practices that are using this method cannot believe how easy it is.

A few small changes in the way we communicate can reap big rewards.  Try this approach for pre-booking with the next client and prove to yourself that it really does work.

By Terra Shastri, Manager of Business Development – Ontario Veterinary Medical Association


Posted May 11, 2018