WSVMA VetMed Matters Conference to examine corporatization, unions and your veterinary team

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There’s a convergence of 21st century conditions that are challenging the old ways of veterinary practice. Veterinarians rely on support staff to enhance and improve the quality and delivery of veterinary medicine, but it’s increasingly difficult to attract and retain them. And now, corporate medicine is quickly changing the practice landscape and there are rumors afoot about unionizing. What’s a veterinary practice to do?

The WSVMA VetMed Matters Conference will take place on February 25, 2018 at the Marriott Courtyard in Bellevue. Its purpose this year is to help veterinarians and team members understand why it’s difficult to attract and keep technical staff, how corporate medicine may or may not affect entry and retention of the veterinary team, and what it means for the profession to unionize.

Questions that will be addressed include:

  • Why am I having trouble finding and keeping technical staff in my practice?
  • How is corporate medicine changing what it’s like to work in veterinary medicine? Does it have an impact on entry and retention into the profession?
  • There are whispers about unionizing the veterinary profession. What do we need to know as practice owners, hospital managers, and support staff?
  • What changes are needed to attract and retain a veterinary team so I can enjoy a thriving practice, regardless of whether it’s private or corporate?

Speakers include Rebecca Rose, CVT, a leading veterinary practice management consultant, Dr. Scott Spaulding, mixed animal practitioner and founder of MAVANA corporate practices, and Dr. Kent McClure, attorney and AVMA Chief Governmental Relations officer.  Dr. David Gill, a representative of the National Veterinary Professionals Union, will be interviewed about their current efforts to unionize.

A survey will be conducted in advance of the conference to gain pertinent information regarding staff turnover, challenges in team retention and development, and salaries and benefits. Rebecca Rose will share the results in her presentation at the conference.

WSVMA’s VetMed Matters Conference is a new meeting where we tackle important subjects that span across practice types and look at emerging issues affecting the veterinary profession. We carefully select the thought leaders, inviting the best and brightest to share their knowledge, insight, and expertise with our members.

Another reason to participate is that you have direct access to WSVMA leadership and issues. The Board of Directors will meet at the conclusion of the meeting. Bringing members and leadership together, you can help guide WSVMA, generating ideas that direct our continuing education offerings, shape our position on legislative and regulatory issues, and lead to task forces or work groups for specific issues we decide to pursue.

Register today to attend the VetMed Matters Conference. All members of the veterinary team are invited and encouraged to attend. Complete program information will be sent to members next week.


Posted December 15, 2018