VBOG considers requiring notification of risks associated with certain drugs, including NSAIDs

  |   State Regulatory

The Veterinary Board of Governors (VBOG) is considering rulemaking to require veterinarians to provide counseling and/or Client Information Sheets (CIS) when dispensing or administering certain drugs, including NSAIDs.

In June, VBOG received a petition from a pet owner who lost his dog due to complications from NSAIDs. The veterinarian had not provided any information to the pet owner about possible risks or side effects from their dog taking the drug.

The pet owner’s petition asked VBOG to add specific language in WAC 246-933-340, subsection (5)(iv) that reads “Complete directions for use of a legend drug includes offering counseling to the owner regarding possible side effects of the drug(s) and precautions.”

The petitioner also requested a new subsection added to WAC 246-933-340(5) to state, “A veterinarian who prescribes certain legend drugs specified by the FDA as requiring a Client Information Sheet shall provide the owner a FDA approved Client Information Sheet, which lists potential risks, side effects, and precautions prior to providing, or administering that legend drug.”

At its June 5, 2017 meeting, VBOG reviewed the petition and agreed to begin the rulemaking process. Comments can be sent to the Veterinary Board of Governors in care of Loralei Walker, program manager, at [email protected].