New reminder tool to get inactive clients back in the door

  |   Practice Management

Need help getting lapsed clients back in the door? Partners for Healthy Pets’ new inactive client reminder program is designed to do just that with proven success in reengaging clients who have been absent from their veterinary practices. Within six months of implementing the reminder program, participating veterinary practices:

  • Generated an average of 128 patient visits from formerly inactive clients.
  • Had an overall 8.5% inactive-client response rate (percentage of clients who responded to the email and brought their pets in for an appointment), which is considered high by overall industry standards.
  • Showed overall outstanding results with cat owners, owners of senior pets and long-term inactive owners.
  • Generated an average of $20,574 in revenue per practice from the targeted population of previously inactive clients.
  • Most importantly, all of these pets are now receiving the preventive healthcare that is so crucial to their wellbeing.

There are two main points that set apart the Inactive Client Reengagement Reminder Program from other typical reminder programs:

  1. This program is based on the client’s visitation history, not a timetable for a specific service (i.e., for heartworm testing). The program asks practices to identify pet owners who have been inactive for a specific period. For example, many practices target those pet owners who have been absent from the practice for 14 months or longer.
  2. A service-specific reminder (e.g., for heartworm testing) is used by many practices, but it’s been shown that it may not be the most persuasive message because it overlooks altogether the relationship between the pet, the owner, and the veterinary practice. Instead of service-specific reminders, the Partners for Healthy Pets’ reminder program consists of an empathetic message that emphasizes three specific points to pet owners:
    1. Recognition that pet owners want to provide great care for their pets but they have busy lives and it can be difficult to get their pets in for regular exams.
    2. Sincere concern from the practice for their pets’ health.
    3. Yearly checkups are as important as food and love.

Partners for Healthy Pets has released the materials from this program free of charge to all veterinary practices on their website. The materials have been designed to be used with a variety of practice management software systems or by general-use email servers.

For in-depth information about the program, read the newly published white paper from the American Animal Hospital Association and American Veterinary Medical Association, “A New Reminder Program Available in Veterinary Practices that Re-engages Inactive Clients and Delivers the Benefit of Preventative Care.”