How to encourage the use of pet health insurance

  |   Practice Management

Recent research results from the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) show that the majority of veterinarians they surveyed prefer their clients to be covered by pet health insurance. Having pet health coverage significantly improves patient care and practice revenue by increasing compliance and the purchases of veterinary medical services.

NAPHIA also reports that in related research, over 50% more pet owners would purchase coverage if their veterinarian recommended it. Here are methods used by veterinary practices to encourage clients to purchase pet health insurance:

  • To avoid confusion, promote just one or two insurance companies.
  • Have one or two key staff members act as pet insurance specialists.
  • Discuss pet health insurance with the client. Brochures alone aren’t enough.
  • Place links to selected pet insurance companies on your website.
  • Track which clients already have pet insurance to help measure your efforts to increase the use of insurance.
  • Submit claims on behalf of pet owner and keep copies in medical record. This can save time from call backs from insurance companies.
  • Include pet health insurance company and claim number in medical record.
  • Make pet insurance an employee benefit.
  • Enlist all staff members in the campaign to increase pet insurance.

For more information, visit the NAPHIA website and download the WSVMA Pet Insurance Brochure.