Two more cases of canine influenza confirmed

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After the original two dogs that boarded at the Kent facility tested positive for CIV H3N2 by convalescent serology, two additional dogs that were also boarded during the respiratory disease outbreak tested positive for CIV H3N2 by serology. Tests are also pending on another two dogs from the original outbreak.  The WSVMA does not know of any other confirmed cases of H3N2 at this time but testing is ongoing. As it has been confirmed that canine influenza is present in Washington State, it is important that veterinarians recommend testing for H3N2 in dogs showing signs of respiratory disease, particularly if they have a history of risk such as boarding, travel, etc. Please see additional information on the WSVMA website regarding timing of testing by PCR or serology in relationship to duration of clinical signs.

Canine influenza is not a reportable disease but Dr. Beth Lipton, public health veterinarian for Seattle King County, is collecting data on confirmed or suspicious cases from King County. A form is available at the WSVMA website. The State Veterinarian’s Office is working on a reporting system. We expect additional information to become available soon.

Vaccination for H3N2 is available and should be considered depending on risk of exposure and level of concern expressed by the owner and veterinarian.