How to attract job seekers to your practice

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Are you trying to hire an associate and can’t find one? Have you posted your ad repeatedly without getting results? You’ve probably written several help wanted ads over the years and had fairly good response, but with veterinary unemployment reported to be approximately 3%[1], it’s a job seeker’s market. What can you do to attract qualified candidates to apply for your associate position?

If you’re trying to hire, you’re no doubt looking for someone amazing who has the skills, ethics and character that fits your practice. Consider this. If you’re the job seeker, would a matter-of-fact bullet list of required qualifications and a few features of the hospital make you want to apply? Or is there a way to write an ad that makes the idea of working at your hospital irresistible?

Here are some tips on writing ads so you can attract top talent to apply for your job opening.

Sell your brand. Veterinary job seekers today are looking to work at a practice that reflects their personal ethics and values. Does your practice have a mission statement or practice philosophy? If so, include it in your ad. (If you don’t have one, you should consider embarking on a strategic branding process.)

Think like a marketer. Apple doesn’t just sell computers, phones and tablets. They sell an experience. What will it be like to work there once you’ve hired them? What’s unique about working at your practice that will make you stand out from the rest?

Emotion vs. logic. Marketing language uses “you” statements rather than using “we.” Instead of having a laundry list of the equipment in your hospital, tell them how they’ll benefit if they take the job. This takes it out of the realm of logic and gives your ad emotional impact.

Avoid clichés. Words like “motivated” or phrases such as “looking for a team player” have been so overused that they’re practically meaningless.

Make it the right length. The common recommendation is to keep your ad at 300 words or less. Over 300 words and you’ll lose them. Attention spans aren’t what they used to be. That doesn’t mean you should make it as brief as possible, however. Use the space you have to write an effective ad that makes job seekers eager to work for you.

WSVMA offers two options for you to place employment ads. WSVMA Classifieds are updated regularly and are placed on the WSVMA website with the option of including them in WA Veterinarian magazine. Veterinary Career Network is an electronic recruitment resource for the veterinary industry. For more information contact the WSVMA at [email protected] or (800) 399-7862.


[1] AVMA 2015 Report on Veterinary Employment