Skills to Prevent Burnout

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Burnout has become endemic to the practice of veterinary medicine, and is a leading cause of premature retirement and decreased satisfaction with the profession. The medical literature has consistently shown that the most effective approach for treating or preventing the development of burnout in veterinarians is something called Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

Developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, MBSR incorporates Eastern-based mindfulness practices and other interventions to target burnout and other behavioral health conditions. Multiple studies have shown that MBSR training and practice decreases burnout, increases productivity, increase quality of life and increases job satisfaction among veterinarians and other health care providers. MBSR has been shown to improve performance and resilience among various high performing professional groups, including the US Marine Corps and the Seattle Seahawks.

Since this is the most evidence-based intervention for protecting yourself from burnout and prolonging your career, the Washington Physicians Health Program is offering two five-session MBSR training workshops in Seattle this winter. There is a series on Wednesday nights, starting January 14 and a second series on Thursday nights, starting January 15. Please see our calendar of events for additional information.

The cost is $150, which is less than half of what this workshop would cost you through the community. This workshop is open only to veterinarians, physicians, physician assistants and their significant others. If you’re willing to do something for your long term health, consider taking this class along with your professional peers who can relate to the stresses you’re feeling in the workplace. If you’re interested, contact Jason Green at WPHP at (206) 583-0127 today. If either schedule does not work for you, check back later in the year as WPHP anticipates holding several offerings throughout 2015.