Take Action – Oppose Mandatory Prescription Writing

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Tell Congress to oppose mandatory prescription writing!  The so-called “Fairness to Pet Owners Act” (H.R 4023/ S. 2756) has been reintroduced in both the House and Senate. Like its predecessor, H.R. 1406, in the previous Congress, the legislation would require a veterinarian to provide a client with a written prescription for domesticated household animals, whether or not requested by the client. The veterinarian would be prohibited from charging for the prescription or asking a client to sign a liability waiver related to writing the prescription.

It is burdensome and unnecessary to require a written prescription be provided, regardless of whether or not the client is having the prescription filled by the veterinarian. Clients already have the flexibility to fill a prescription at their veterinary clinic or off-site at a pharmacy of their choice.  The AVMA is supportive of a client’s right to choose where they have their prescription filled.

At the same time, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is working on a report with its findings and recommendations following a public workshop it held in October 2012, which examined the competition and consumer protection issues in the pet medications industry.  Veterinarians and the AVMA participated as panelists throughout the workshop. It seems premature to consider a “solution,” such as this sweeping federal mandate, prior to publication of the report and clear identification of whether a problem actually exists.

Please contact your Member of Congress in opposition to the Fairness to Pet Owners Act today!