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Program for Friday, September 29

Small Animal

Animal Behavior Clinic

Christopher Pachel, DVM, DACVB
Animal Behavior Clinic / Portland, OR

Dr. Pachel’s first presentation will provide information about how to incorporate behavior specific strategies and principles into your daily practice routines. The afternoon presentations will cover information about how to navigate patient assessment and treatment in a way that accounts for the influence of the caregivers, understanding intercat relationships for the purpose of identifying warning signs and implementing targeted recommendations for addressing conflicts, and working through factors that should be considering when performing a risk assessment for a patient that is showing aggressive behavior of any type.

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Large Animal

Nutritional Management of the Dairy Calf

Robert James, BS, MS, PhD
Professor Emeritus – Dairy Science at Virginia Tech / Blacksburg, VA

Let’s approach dairy calf nutrition from a biological perspective. Calves less than 3 – 4 weeks of age consume minimal starter grain. Therefore it is imperative to supply sufficient milk solids to meet their nutrient requirements for maintenance and gain to enable them to double their birth weight by 56 days of age. New systems of group feeding calves have been implemented on farms which encourage improved animal behavior and welfare plus support desired growth targets. However, critical protocols must be adopted to assure success. Finally we will review the second edition of the Gold Standards developed by the Dairy Calf and Heifer Association with input from veterinarians, calf nutritionists as well as calf and heifer growers.

Equine Immunology

Victor Cortese,DVM, DABVP
Zoetis /

The area of cattle immunology is rapidly changing as more long term studies examining what factors can impact performance are completed. We will look at all the new research and the ramifications on vaccination protocols and on an animal achieve his or her full genomic potential.


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Communication Skills for Every Occasion

Andy Roark, MSC Zoology, DVM
DrAndyRoark.com / Greenville, SC

Dr Roark’s topics cover communication skills to help everyone in the hospital rise to every occasion. Got an angry client on line 2, a potential new client on line 3, a current client who isn’t compliant with prevention recommendations in a room, and a client at the desk who can’t pay? Learn to handle each situation with easy to gain back the time and resources you need to be successful.

Employee Handbook & Drug Testing

Kim Kamel, JD
Witherspoon Kelley / Spokane, WA

How to craft an employee handbook and things to think about: At-will disclaimers, leave law rules, social media policies, etc. In her second session. How to Create a Washington State Drug Testing Policy: Creating and implementing procedures for a drug testing policy: The standards for pre-employment testing, reasonable suspicion, random and post-accident testing.

One Health

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Hot Topics

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Technicians & Assistants

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