Partner for Health Pets’ Consumer Campaign Launching to the Profession

The Partners for Healthy Pets’ greatly anticipated consumer campaign will launch in September. The tightly focused campaign will promote a straight forward call to action: call your veterinarian and make an appointment for a yearly checkup today!

Research by the Partners for Healthy Pets and others indicates that women ages 32-49, generally urban or suburban, with an annual household income over $75,000 are the pet owners most likely to respond to the message. These women view the pet not just as an extension of her family, but part of the family core, and she feels responsibility for the health and happiness of the entire family. The target further focuses on the 60% of pet owners that already have a relationship with a veterinarian, but who have not visited within the past 18 months.

The Campaign’s Primary Message

The profession, consultants, industry marketing experts, and the veterinary media have all responded very positively to the creative advertisements revealed at the Convention. The ads feature a very lovable pet (there are both dog and cat versions) wearing a tag reading “Special Care Instructions: Feed daily, Yearly checkups, Love forever.” Below the photo of the pet is the simple line: “A yearly visit to your family vet is as essential as food and love. Make an appointment for an annual checkup today.”

The campaign’s visual elements were thoroughly tested in both focus groups and in online surveys of the target audience, and the ads scored very high in areas such as the ability to attract immediate attention as well as the call to action message.

Ads will begin appearing online in September and in print in October; a public relations campaign will also begin in September. Television PSAs are expected to be added to the integrated campaign in 2014. Online media placements have been selected based on research showing where the target audience is most likely to go. Digital media selected include CNN, Yahoo, Everyday Health, PetMd, and SheKnows. Print ad placements were selected based on both their reach to the target audience as well as the opportunities to be in issues that contain pet related content. For example, a full page ad will appear in an early December issue of People, which will be the very highly read “Sexiest Men Alive” issue and will also feature a photo spread on “Sexiest Men and their Cats.” Other ads will appear in O Magazine, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Prevention, and Family Fun.

Practice Enrollment Program

Concurrent with the launch of the consumer campaign to the profession the Partners for Healthy Pets introduced its Practice Enrollment Program. Participating practices are provided with materials encouraging them to “start the conversation” about the importance of preventive healthcare for all pets. The goal for each practice is to have the entire team aligned around the effort to ensure that every pet that visits receives the preventive healthcare recommended by the profession. Enrolled practices will also receive consumer campaign materials and editorial content that can be used in their practices, on their websites, and in their newsletters to help support the effort to achieve a checkup for every pet every year.

Sales representatives of member companies are distributing enrollment materials. Practices can also self-enroll at In the first month of the program, over 1,000 practices have already enrolled.

Success Stories

Veterinarians have long indicated that they often learn best through the experiences of their colleagues. To that end, the Partners for Healthy Pets has launched a series of articles called “Success Stories.” These articles feature practices that have used one or more of the tools available on the Partners website and have seen substantial practice benefits as a result. Articles about use of the Opportunity tool, the Implementing the Guidelines tool, and the Preventive Healthcare Program (monthly payment plans) tool have been widely distributed and can also be found at









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