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Campaign urges readiness for winter's trials

Wet-weather driving tips, what to keep in your vehicle, dealing with outages at home and more helpful information. Source: The Seattle Times.

Green River Flooding - Are you Ready?

Prepare now for a higher risk of flooding. Serious flooding may occur in some areas of King County this winter. Homes, farms and businesses in the Green River Valley are particularly at risk. Residents should prepare now for the winter season. Download the full brochure.

WSVMA Disaster Guide (the WSVMA Disaster Guide is undergoing revision)

In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, veterinarians and veterinary support staff can utilize these resources.

  • emergency instructions 
  • local contact information
  • prepardedness & post disaster plans  

WSDA Disaster Plan 

Washington State Department of Agriculture Washington Animal Response Management Team Disaster Plan.

AVMA Disaster Preparedness for Veterinary Practices 

AVMA Disaster Preparedness Series: "What would you do to continue practicing veterinary medicine, to continue paying your staff, and to communicate with your clients..."

  • Tips for business management/disaster preparedness.


What to do for livestock in case of a flood

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