WSVMA Animal Hall of Fame Award Winners 

The purpose of the Animal Hall of Fame is to celebrate the bond between animals and people. Each year, the WSVMA honors animals that exemplify the strength and value of this bond and the contributions they make to enrich human lives.

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2008 Animal Hall of Fame

Professional Category - Brock
Brock is a recently retired Hanford bomb search dog and was nominated for the award by Ms. Emily Pieracci. For Brock’s unwavering contribution to the lives of people through safety, his owner and handler Mr. Duane McPheron received a plaque. 




2007 Animal Hall of Fame

Professional Category - Moto
Recognized in the Professional category, Moto, a K-9 officer, is a male pit bull accompanying Washington State Trooper Jason Knott on daily duty. Moto was nominated by Dr. Joshua Schulz, Steamboat Animal Hospital in Olympia. Moto and another pit bull puppy were found in deplorable conditions in a barn near Estacada, Oregon. Both puppies were taken into protective custody and held at the Clackamas County Animal Shelter. The puppies stayed in a foster home, then went to LawDogs, before being donated to the Washington State Patrol. In September 2005, Moto began his Narcotic Detection Class. Moto and his partner, Trooper Jason Knott, completed 200 hours of training and in November 2005 were certified as a Narcotic Detection K-9 team. In 2005, the team made 11 searches with 20 narcotic finds. Their success rate increased dramatically in 2006 when they made 59 searches with 100 finds. While assisting the Drug Enforcement Administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, their most recent find was 180 pounds of marijuana.




Therapy Category - Bobby Lee
Receiving an award in the Therapy category, Bobby Lee is a six year old male Chocolate Labrador. He was nominated by Dr. Michelle Shoemaker, South Bay Veterinary Hospital in Olympia. He belongs to Ms. Peggy Menze in Olympia. Bobby Lee and his owner serve as a Pet Partner Team at Olympia’s Providence St. Peter’s Hospital. Bobby Lee was found as a stray in a rural area on the edge of the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas. Blind and starving, Bobby Lee was nursed back to health and found a home through Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue in Chicago. When his newfound family moved from Chicago to Olympia in June 2004, Bobby Lee and his owner began their training and now offer their services at the Chemical Dependency Center.



 Hero Category - Bogie

 Recognized in the Hero category, Bogie, short for Humphrey Bogart, is a nine year old, male Australian Shepherd.
 He was nominated by Dr. Dana A. Bridges, Professional Equine in Monroe. He belongs to Ms. Barbara Balkema in
 Snohomish. Bogie’s heroic act was to lead his owner to safety after she experienced transient ischemic attacks
 or “mini-strokes” while working on her small farm. Bogie found his owner and dragged her to the house so she
 could call for help. When the emergency medical technicians arrived, Bogie barked to announce their arrival and
 lead them to his owner.



Companion Category - Henrietta
Receiving an award in the Companion category, Henrietta was an 18 ½ years old female cat. She was nominated by Dr. Tina Ellenbogen, Mobile Veterinary Services in Bothell. Her most recent owners were the Cozzie family in Seattle. As a kitten, Henrietta was adopted from Seattle Animal Control as a companion for a young developmentally disabled boy. He and Henrietta developed such a close relationship that once he headed off to school, Henrietta would walk down to wait for the school bus every day and escort the boy home.

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