Financial Assistance for Pet Owners

Tips for Saving on Veterinary Medical Costs (Downloadable Brochure)

Charitable Organizations/Emergency Assistance

Imom – Because of the downturn in the economy they can only aid in cases of life-threatening emergencies – which must be confirmed in writing by a veterinarian. They require the applicant to try Care Credit first. They have a separate section that allows people to put their case to the public and ask for aid that way.

United Animal Nations–  Has a LifeLine Crisis Relief program, check to see if you meet qualifications. Animal's needs must be directly related to a disaster emergency. They also have Lifeline Rescue Grants for individuals. The pet must have a verifiable, life-threatening issue with a good prognosis and the owner must be able to show financial need.

FACE Foundation - The FACE Foundation provides financial assistance to animal owners who are unable to cover the full cost of their pets’ critical or emegency veterinary care.

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program – Requirements include life-threatening illness or injury or one that severly compromises quality of life, but is also considered treatable by the veterinarian. Full funding is rarely available and they expect the owner to contribute what they can.

The Pet Fund– They do NOT fund emergencies (due to time constraints), basic care such as spay/neutering, procedures already in progress, rescue animals not already adopted, horses. They have strict sign up policies and guidelines. Please see their website for specifics.

AAHA – The veterinarian must apply for a grant to treat the animal of a financially challenged individual. The pet owner cannot appy themselves.

Care Credit – Basically a credit card company. If they accept your application, they pay the veterinarian directly while you pay Care Credit off over time.

Handicapped Pets – Provides information and assistance for caregivers of handicapped pets.

Feline Outreach – Not accepting aid requests at this time due to a lack of contributions.

Cats in Crisis – Not accepting aid requests at this time due to a lack of contributions.

Angels 4 Animals – Program Guardian Angel assists when an animal is facing euthanazia or surrender due to lack of finances. The clinic must be willing to work with Angels 4 Animals to verify need.

The Magic Bullet Fund – Finances Canine Cancer Treatements. Unfortunately they are not accepting applications at this time, but hope to be soon. They do have some good information on alternative funding sources.

Seattle/King County Humane Society Pet Project– This supplies assistance to the pets of people with AIDS. They also have a Pet Food Bank for senior’s and low-income individuals.

Cody’s Club– This is mostly a support group/information site for dogs with cancer. They do provide some limited financial aid for radiation treatments.

Doney Memorial Pet Clinic – no website. Located at the Union Gospel Mission Shelter at 318 2nd Avenue Extension South, Seattle, 98104. This is finanical aid for pets of very low income and homeless people. 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month. (206) 622-5177.

Budkis Charbonneau Living Memorial Fund – no website. Assists low-income seniors with emergency veterinary care. (425) 226-7285

WSU Good Samaritan Fund- The Good Samaritan Fund is used exclusively to treat ownerless or special needs animals that, ideally but not exclusively, also present a teaching opportunity for our students.  Good Samaritan funds are only awarded for treatment of animals at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University.

Concern for Animals– Thurston, Lewis and Mason counties only. Provides assistance with veterinary bills, animal feed, boarding or permanent placement. Call 360-456-8176 for more information.

Spaying To Save Our Pets - no website. (253) 857-7575 or (800) 248-7729

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