2006 WSVMA Animal Hall of Fame winners


 "Nitro" Professional category
Nitro, a German Shepard, has served the Bellingham Police Department very well. In a profession where most dogs only last a few years, Nitro served 10 years. While being the a key part in hundreds of arrests, Nitro and his handler Officer Craig Johnson get to enjoy a life as pet and owner now that Nitro retired. However, Nitro leaves a legacy behind that both the police force and his captives won't soon forget.




 "Opie" Therapy Category

Opie started his life on the ropes. This Jack Russell Terrier lived up to his breed's reputation while being full of energy. Unfortunately, that led Opie to repeatedly change homes early in his life. But his tale continued on when he found his current owner, Ms. Judith Anderson-Wright. Together, Opie learned a life of helping others. He now works to help people at nursing homes, hospitals, shelters, schools, retirement centers, prisons, mental health facilities and hospice providers. Now Opie uses his JRT nature to his advantage. 

 "Sapphire" Hero Category
Sapphire, a black Bouvier, is the definition of a hero. In November of 2005, Sapphire's owner, Ms. Margaret Morton, was badly injured in a home remodeling accident. After several bricks fell from the roof and struck Margaret on the head, Sapphire stay at her owner's side and began barking for help. Her barks for help were heard by Ms. Margaret's sister Arnett. Although she suffered severe injuries to the face and head, Sapphire's heroics saved Margaret life.

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