WSVMA Vision Statement

The Washington State Veterinary Medical Association (WSVMA) is a strong, vibrant, unified professional community whose members constitute 100% of the eligible veterinarians in the state. Members receive excellent value for their membership investment.  WSVMA is responsive to member needs, is flexible, and responds quickly to changes in the professional and social climate that affect veterinary medicine.  WSVMA members communicate freely and frequently with one another, exchange information and experience, participate in shared interested groups, provide peer support, and are actively engaged in the activities of the association.  Members regard it as their primary source for accessible and affordable continuing education in partnership with local associations.  The association is welcoming to new professionals, has a strong mentorship program, and membership is regarded as essential for optimal success. 

WSVMA members have fun engaging in association activities. The WSVMA actively promotes the health and well being of its members through a continuing relationship with the Washington Physicians Health Program. 

The WSVMA provides a strong legislative presence that is effective advocate for member interests.  The association has mutually-beneficial relationships with veterinary medical colleges, allied professionals, related associations, and its local and national component organizations.  Legislators and media seek WSVMA out as the primary source of information about animal health and related issues.  The public is aware of the association as a resource and regards WSVMA membership as a valuable credential when seeking out a veterinary medical provider.  The WSVMA has developed a well-organized disaster response program.

The WSVMA Board is a collegial, diverse governing body of volunteers.  The board unites the profession’s leaders.  Service on the board is a highly regarded activity. The association fosters leadership development.  Association members are involved in governance activities at all levels and have an influence on the future of the association and the profession. 

The WSVMA is financially stable and has the necessary resources to support its many programs.  The association has a responsive, highly competent, and well-compensated professional staff which is currently housed in an association-owned building in Snoqualmie, WA.


Washington State Veterinary Medical Association 
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