1) Volunteers to Help in Disaster Relief

If your members contact you asking if they can volunteer, here is the best direction to give them.

The US Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Inspection Service is looking for volunteers (veterinarians, veterinary technicians and assistants, veterinary students) to assist in recovery efforts and in future natural and animal disease emergencies. Send an email to EmergencyVMO@aphis.usda.gov with the subject line “New NAHERC Volunteer” for more information on how you can get involved.  Please do not send your requests to volunteer to Dr. Cindy Lovern at the AVMA headquarters.

2) Temporary Housing/Employment Opportunities for Veterinarians and Veterinary Staff

In an effort to assist veterinarians, veterinary technicians and other veterinary staff affected by Hurricane Katrina, AVMA is establishing a list of people and clinics willing to offer temporary employment and/or housing to these displaced individuals. These offers will be posted online. In addition, AVMA wants to establish a database of displaced veterinarians, veterinary technicians and veterinary staff so we can start assisting these individuals with finding temporary employment or housing.

If you would be interested in offering temporary employment/housing or are a displaced veterinary related individual and want to be added to our lists, email us at vetcareers@avma.org or call Cindy Coy at 1-800-248-2862 ext 6683. Please put Katrina in the subject line and give us your full name, phone number and email address (if possible) and we will contact you for more information.

We have had contact with several of the veterinary state boards in all of the states and some of the Canadian provinces and have received back about 25 responses with information regarding licensure requirements for hiring displaced veterinarians.

We are encouraging the State Veterinary Medical Associations to work with their corresponding Veterinary State Boards to establish guidelines for temporary employment requirements so that you may better inform your members before they extend an employment offer. The AVMA website will also provide the information we have received from our inquiries and it will be updated daily. It is our understanding that the AAVSB has pledged to waive any score report fees for purposes of licensure in other states.
If you are a state who has already established a temporary employment job board, please send us a link to your site so we are not duplicating your efforts. Dr. Kimberly Rudloff Assistant Director, Membership and Field Services, ext. 6679 krudloff@avma.org

3) Information about GHLIT and PLIT Insurance – (Provided by Dr. Janet Donlin)

The AVMA PLIT, AVMA GHLIT and their endorsed insurance carriers are deeply saddened by the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. We are ready to assist you through these challenging times.

Contact information for the AVMA PLIT
The Hartford and other insurers involved in the PLIT-sponsored program that provide the business owner’s package insurance, already have emergency teams in place, but they have not been able to get into most of the affected areas. This is the 5th hurricane these insurers have been involved with since last year so they should be able to respond efficiently. We estimate that around 65 practices insured by The Hartford were in the path of the storm.

Only a couple of calls have been received at this point, but as telephone communication in the affected region resumes, members insured through The Hartford may call 1-800-327-3636 (24 hours a day). If a member has any personal lines insurance (homeowners or auto) through the PLIT’s endorsed carrier Liberty Mutual they may call 1-800-713-7379 or go to libertymutualinsurance.com to report a claim. If we at the AVMA PLIT may be of any assistance, please call us at 1-800-228-7548.

Contact information for the AVMA GHLIT
Customer service representatives are available to assist in answering questions regarding medical or disability claims, policy and premium inquiries, pharmacy and prescriptions as well as network provider information.

The number to call for pharmacy and prescription assistance is 800-966-5772. For all other questions call 1-800-621-6360 and enter prompt 1 immediately. You then will have the option to direct your call to customer service representative for assistance with your specific question. Don’t forget that you can access claim forms through our website www.avmaghlit.org.       

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